Last night I had the talk with my husband

Ok.. Last night I had the talk with my husband and he was actually really receptive to the idea. I laid everything out in a spreadsheet. Credit counseling will not work for us as most of our cards have really low interest rates already and the payments for the amount.. I don’t think we could get any lower. Then stuff would start to go late and I have would have to deal with credit phone calls.

One of the things that got us in trouble was my parents. I purchased a modular home for my parents and declared it as rental property. Now they are in a bind and may not be able to make payments, plus one of my credit cards is stuff they have charged when they were short of money. I know I know. Stupid.. but it is my mom and dad and I couldn’t see them struggle like they were.

My husband and I decided to make an appointment with an attorney and to get a counseling session to see if it would be a good option for us and what to expect. I don’t want to do this until after we get our tax refund so that we can use that to pay off the car and one of our creditors that I don’t want to file on. I told my mom what we were going to do and she cried. She said she was sorry for the situation I was in, but thanked me at the same time. That home will go back to the bank and they will be relieved of the burden of the payment. They do have a place to live. My mom’s sister has a big house by herself so they are going to move in with here. No rent and all they have to do is split utilities and groceries. This will be an ideal situation for them.

Question.. Do you thing this video applies to my situation? has anyone filed bankruptcy but not their spouse? Can you do that?