If it gets worse, I may try the layer route

Thanks for the great advice. If it gets worse, I may try the layer route. Right now, I am getting ready to send letters to the bills that I don’t have a good payment plan on. Basically they want $300 or more, so every time I send a check for $50 or a $100, they just start calling me again and insisting that they need more. If they want a real payment plan, they can agree to something reasonable. Otherwise, I will focus on the bills with plans, and they can have the leftovers ($50-$100 when I have it available). If they want to be a priority, they need to be realistic.

I have a job with lower hours right now. My paycheck went down (lower sunday pay, new weekly health deduction). And there aren’t many things I can cut. I already walk to work – no car, or insurance – just occasional payments to cover gas for rides I get. I already live pretty cheap by renting the basement of my parent’s house. I have cut my food costs. Entertainment is reading newsgroups online. I do have a small business I am working on, and my investments are a bare minumum. I do keep my website which includes my internet. And I am doing a one day vendor booth this saturday.

My investment is $40. I already have the products, that is all I am investing, and I hope to do $200-$300 in sales. The first $60 will pay the vendor booth for a two-day show next month. The rest will go toward bills. And my tax refund will totally go to bills.