I have tried to do that with some of them

The thing is.. I have tried to do that with some of them and they all told me that they would send me to the collections department. Discover card advised me AGAINST making arrangements since my payment history was perfect. My husband and I have been robbing peter to pay paul for some time now and I am tired of losing sleep about which credit card I am going to use to pay for groceries and wondering how close to the credit limit I am.

I bought a modular home for my parents to live in and classified it as a rental property. Now they are in hardship and barely able to make the bills and they are dragging me down with it. We haven’t decided for sure, but we do have an appointment on Tuesday just to see what benefit it will have for us. All of our debt is on bank cards so it is all unsecured. My husband and I make more than enough money, it has just been one thing after another and my parents never taught me to save money. IF you have it.. spend it was there theory and look where they are at. Old habits are hard to break but this is sure an eye opener.

Thanks for the website info, but I have already checked it out. Nothing there to pull me out of my situation. We don’t have expensive cards, no campers or boats, just a normal home with 2 cars, a dog and a cat and 2 kids. No big expensive jewelry. Our debt is from home repairs, car repairs, medical bills, and helping my parents out. It just dragged us down. I have been helping my parents sooo much that now it is time for someone to help me. Wether it be settling or bankruptcy.. something needs to be done.