I used to work in collections

I used to work in collections (go figure..) and I know exactly what can be done. You bet your hiney that some of them would take me to court and put a lien on my house and slap a judgment against me.

And sure.. you can pay what you want.. but they will keep adding late fees and finance charges. What good is that going to do? The only thing I know they CANT do is sue someone for back finance charges and late fees. They have to itemize the account w/o late fees and finance charges to show how much of your actual purchases you didn’t pay. They LOVE to do that… NOT!

Anyway.. I have stressed enough in my life over paying the bills and how to get them taken care of. I have lost 2 years of my oldest son’s life working a part-time job just to get further behind than what I am. My husband works tons of over time and we are still sliding in the hole.

When I first joined this group I did have hope of getting paid off w/out bankruptcy, but the last couple of weeks have gone down hill. No my parents can’t make the payments on the home I am paying on for them, so that adds additional $$ that I can’t pay.

I have looked at debt settlement companies that people have talked about. How do you know if they are reputable or not? Is there some place you can check?