I just don’t see a way out

The attorney that we are going to talk to is really nice and will be upfront with us. I have come to terms with our situation. I hate knowing that this is an option for us, but I think it will be a blessing in the long run. I have worked in collections and know what the creditors can do to me.

I do not want harassing phone calls at work as I work in a small office. I dont need to be taken to court and have that pressure put on me as well. Not only do I have the credit card debt, I also have a modular home that I bought for my parents. Well.. not they are in a situation where they can’t pay and it is a struggle for them. We are trying to sell the trailer and have been for over a year.

People want contract for deed, but I just need to get out from under it.

GreenTree is really nasty with you if you get behind, and I don’t need them attaching a lien to my home that my family lives in. My situation didn’t happen over night. I guess I was in really bad denil, but it has happened. Now i have to pay the price. There is more to me than just my credit score.