Nobody has made any threats since last year

Nobody has made any threats since last year, and frankly, they don’t scare me. The garnishment threat worried me a little, so I looked it up, and frankly, the amount they can take is less than the amount they keep demanding from me. If they would actually accept a payment plan for the garnishment amount, I would agree. So, that doesn’t scare me, and they never did try it anyway. I’m probably not worth their time.

Overall, I owe about $19,000 total between 7 bills. My largest bill is $4500, and I am up to date on that one. That is also my lowest interest rate, so I am making the minimums and focusing on my other bills. One of the bills with a payment plan of $172 a month will be done this July, so that money will be redirected at other bills. And I will have another one done $124 a month) in October or November.

Another bill collector tried to show me how powerful he is by calling up the post office to find my check since it was supposed to be done as a western union. He made a big deal about it, and did some 3 way call, but I am sure that the postal clerk was really a co-worker, and the whole call was to make it sound impressive. They said it was too late since that day’s mail had already gone out. But honestly, the post office is not going to sort through all the mail for a plain envelope with no tracking number, just to make a creditor happy. So, I knew the guy was lying.

After that and the lie about the payment plan I thought I had; I gave up on phone deals. I tell them when they call (if the deal sounds good) that they may send it in writing, and I will agree. But I will not just start it over the phone without proof to protect myself.