Just a thought in case you haven’t considered this

there’s a company that’s called, Debt.org and they are a debt settlement company…they do not try to reduce your rates or consolidate or anything like that, but rather they settle with the credit card companies, or whomever, on a certain amount and then you repay that amount over a period of time, and you go through this company.

My husband and I just entered this. We had almost $20,000 in credit card debt due to two separate IRS tax audits. We went from almost no debt, to being $20,000 in debt within a couple months! What a nightmare to try to work with the IRS! 🙁 Anyway…we put these bills on our credit cards and it’s just gotten to be too much.

So, after researching this company, we decided to pursue this option. In the end, we will pay just close to $11,000, rather than $20,000! They are taking care of the ‘harassing’ phone calls of the credit card companies, too! If you’re interested, e-mail me and I’ll send you the website and e-mail of the man we worked with who was fantastic!