How do you convince them to be reasonable?

I have had a few that were okay, and they made a reasonable payment plan. But most of them insist on payments that are larger than the original payments (duh, I got behind on those, I certainly can’t afford more). And most of them want automatic transfer payments (except the ones who want western union (duh, I’m late on payments, I can’t afford $15 every month to pay for western union).

And how do you get them to agree in writing? I had one last year that told me they would cut the total due to half ($3,000 down to $1,500) if I would make larger payments. It was tax refund time, I so I paid $650 in one shot, $350 a month later, and had agreed to two more payments of $250 to pay it completely off. After the first two payments, I got a phone call from them, and they wanted to arrange my next set of $350 payments. When I told them what I had left, they denied any such deal, and my balance due was $2,000. So, I made those larger payments (when I could have spread it out to my other bills), because of a deal that they promised and then denied.

I had no proof of the deal. I really thought the deal was worth it to get rid of a complete bill quickly and lose $1500 of amount owed. But instead, I didn’t get rid of anything, and only delayed paying other bills down. Also, another creditor insisted that a $500 payment would get me caught up, and then I would back to normal payments.

After much harrassment, I finally borrowed the money from my dad and paid the $500. Two weeks later, the guy called back and insisted on another $500. I think he figured I was holding out on the money, and since I had paid before, I could pay again. I told him I still hadn’t paid my dad back, and I couldn’t do it. He threatened wage garnishment, so I told him he lied to me in the past. I couldn’t give him something I didn’t have, and do what you gotta do. And I hung up on him.

I went back to mailing in checks of $50 a month, and eventually, somebody else started the calls. We still haven’t worked out an agreeable plan. I just send my smal payments, and they just keep calling and telling me that is not enough. It’s a stalemate, but at least the lady is nice about it. So, how do you get a payment plan that is reasonable? I have tried sending letters and asking for a payment plan in writing, but they ignored those.

Credit counseling

Going thru credit counseling is worse than a bankruptcy. It affects you longer and I have helped clients when the program has let them down.

They took the money but did not pay on time, therefore more fees for being late and interest compounding. If you are disciplined enough, pay all on time with a little extra.

I have a program that I work with that I have seen success in the past.