How do you convince them to be reasonable?

I have had a few that were okay, and they made a reasonable payment plan. But most of them insist on payments that are larger than the original payments (duh, I got behind on those, I certainly can’t afford more). And most of them want automatic transfer payments (except the ones who want western union (duh, I’m late on payments, I can’t afford $15 every month to pay for western union).

And how do you get them to agree in writing? I had one last year that told me they would cut the total due to half ($3,000 down to $1,500) if I would make larger payments. It was tax refund time, I so I paid $650 in one shot, $350 a month later, and had agreed to two more payments of $250 to pay it completely off. After the first two payments, I got a phone call from them, and they wanted to arrange my next set of $350 payments. When I told them what I had left, they denied any such deal, and my balance due was $2,000. So, I made those larger payments (when I could have spread it out to my other bills), because of a deal that they promised and then denied.

I had no proof of the deal. I really thought the deal was worth it to get rid of a complete bill quickly and lose $1500 of amount owed. But instead, I didn’t get rid of anything, and only delayed paying other bills down. Also, another creditor insisted that a $500 payment would get me caught up, and then I would back to normal payments.

After much harrassment, I finally borrowed the money from my dad and paid the $500. Two weeks later, the guy called back and insisted on another $500. I think he figured I was holding out on the money, and since I had paid before, I could pay again. I told him I still hadn’t paid my dad back, and I couldn’t do it. He threatened wage garnishment, so I told him he lied to me in the past. I couldn’t give him something I didn’t have, and do what you gotta do. And I hung up on him.

I went back to mailing in checks of $50 a month, and eventually, somebody else started the calls. We still haven’t worked out an agreeable plan. I just send my smal payments, and they just keep calling and telling me that is not enough. It’s a stalemate, but at least the lady is nice about it. So, how do you get a payment plan that is reasonable? I have tried sending letters and asking for a payment plan in writing, but they ignored those.

Credit counseling

Going thru credit counseling is worse than a bankruptcy. It affects you longer and I have helped clients when the program has let them down.

They took the money but did not pay on time, therefore more fees for being late and interest compounding. If you are disciplined enough, pay all on time with a little extra.

I have a program that I work with that I have seen success in the past.

You need to sit down with your husband and figure out a plan of action

Then you have to get tough.

You decide what you can pay on each debt, you call each company and say, “This is what I owe you, this is what I will be sending you each month and tell them that if they don’t send you something in writing agreeing on the situation, that you will gladly take the money you were going to send them and send it to another company that you owe debt to. They are not going to come after you and they are NOT going to garnish your wages. And whatever you do, do NOT allow them direct access to any of your accounts (i.e. automatic bill pay) because once they have access to your accounts, they can basically do anything they want (take as much out) and it will be between you and them to make them stop. (I work at a bank and the bank has no control once you give access to someone else….the agreement was between you and the other company, not the bank)

They will probably STILL call, you just have to learn how to deal with it and not let them put you on a guilt trip. I owed money to my dentist (the part that insurance didn’t cover) and I couldn’t pay it all. I called them and told them what I would be sending them each month and that it would be all I could do, but that I would be sending them money every month. They still put ugly yellow and red stickers all over the bill each month saying how far I was past due and that payment was due immediately. However, I didn’t let it bother me, cause I knew as long as I was consistently trying to pay it off, they didn’t have a leg to stand on.

OH and no one but the IRS can garnish your wages. And I don’t think they can either. You REALLY need to listen to the Dave Ramsey show, call in, or at least check out his website. He really does help you understand a lot about what is possible for you to do and what the creditors do to try and get their money. His messages are clear and “old school” (common sense), but he puts it in a way that makes it easy to understand and put into action.

These companies thrive on “scare tactics”. Unless they send a cop to your door (which they won’t) or a subpoena (which they won’t), they are not going to do anything but try to scare you. They can write off the money you owe them if they don’t get it. It is set up in their company to adjust for money uncollected. However, this is not a license to not pay them, you have to pay them to protect your credit score. You just have to get tough and stay tough.

I tried Consumer Debt Counseling Service

I basically let them set it up and then and I decided to talk with the companies myself and it worked for me. I did not like the idea of them making it seem they were making me pay them to pay my bills.

You do understand most of the debt places get funding from companies and they work basically for them when you go to them. I am just about debt free and know it was not easy trying to do it alone but I know the companies know I did it on my own and my score looks good, now.

I would suggest trying to do it yourself but make sure you make payments regularly, it does not have to be the right amount but show you are trying until you can make the payments.

Call and express what is going on and at this point I can pay you this amount, be reasonable and try it. It worked for me.

Any Reputable Debt Settlement Companies Out There?

Hi, I’m new here. I just read the entire list and learned alot. Thanks to those who have shared their horror and success stories.

I’m just about ready to either:

1) hire a Debt Settlement Co.,
2) Begin negotiations myself.

My question is: Has anyone had good experience with a DSC? Would you recommend them? Who should I steer clear of? Any help choosing one would be appreciated. FYI: I am looking into Curadebt presently. (…I hope posting a url is allowed here. If not, sorry. I didn’t see a FAQ so I don’t know the forum rules.)

There are just so many of them out there, and I have read many horror stories, so it is difficult knowing where to go.

Going it solo is scary in a way, being inexperienced with negotiating, but it also is not as risky, IMO. Any one have any experience negotiating on their own with creditors to settle the debt?

Thanks in advance.

With all that is going on here

No wonder escorts, affairs, and other such things that undermine all of society (not just children). I now can understand why some people do get frustrated and events like colombine happen.

For me I have lost all faith in mankind, I refuse ever to get married and to insure that I never have children, I am taking care of that myself. I have had men and women ask me about affairs and divorce. I can say with absolute no hesitation go for the affair. it will at least keep the family together until it is found out about.

the court system and ‘justice’ are oxymoron’s. I am not stating that you shouldn’t work on the marriage first but if both of you are unhappy admit it.